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ies in 2016.Following is the full text:First Edition 2016ContentsPreambleI. Purposes, Vision and Princi▓ples of DevelopmentII. Major Developments Since 2011III. Major Tasks for the Next Five YearsIV. Policie

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s and Measures for DevelopmentV. International Exchanges an▓d CooperationConclusionSpace activities make up one of the most challenging hi-tech fields which exert en▓ormous impact on other fields. Space activities have gre▓atly improved man's knowledge of space, and provide an imp▓ortant driving force for social progress. Currently, more and more countries, including developing ones, are maki▓ng the development of space activities an important strateg▓ic choice. Thu


7-2016 13:03 B

s space activities around the world ar▓e flourishing.The Chinese government takes the

space indus▓try as an important part of the nation's overall d

evel▓opment strategy, and adheres to the principle of explor▓ation and utilization of

outer space for peaceful purposes. Over the past 60 years of r

emarkable development since it▓s space industry was established in 1956, China has▓ made great ach

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